North of Kuruman Project

Led by Jayne Wilkins and Ben Schoville, the North of Kuruman Project is investigating early human origins in the Kalahari Basin.

What I learned about excavating at Gamohana Hill

Excavation is challenging, but totally worth it. The best thing about it is the fact that it could actually change history…well not history itself, but definitely our understanding and interpretation of it.

Saturdays with the North of Kuruman Project

All field seasons have some work associated with the weekend.  The North of Kuruman Project is no exception. Saturday mornings are spent sorting through the 10mm sieved material excavated from Gamohana Hill North Shelter (GHN), Kuruman.

Little Details, Big Picture: The Importance of Recording at an Archaeological Site

Behind every great production, one can rest assured that there are many individuals working hard to contribute to its success. You could say the same of an archaeological dig; you will likely read the published research article, but it is unlikely that you will see the hard work and great lengths that we all go to contribute to the final product.

The Wonder of Wonderwerk

Upon walking into the cave the name “Wonderwerk” becomes apparent, as the cave is massive! As I followed the walkway I felt swallowed by the immenseness of it, wondering when, if ever, we would reach its end.

Digging into the North of Kuruman Project

Practical experience is an important part of any occupation. Medical students have to perform operations on cadavers, culinary students practice making various dishes, and archaeology students attend field seasons.